4 things you must check when viewing a Portuguese property

Guide to visiting a property in Portugal
17 November 2017, Redaction

It’s absolutely vital when you’re doing a visit to any potential property to keep these things in mind:

1. Paperwork: There are two documents it is very handy to get from the Land Registry, a Caderneta Predial and a Certidāo de Teor, which respectively provide a brief description of the land and property features, and the details of who the owner is and any mortgages or extra hidden fees of any kind that come with the property, respectively. With these, you can ensure that the sale is legal and that the seller is the real owner.

2. Know the price per square metre or square foot: Property transfer tax is calculated based either on the sale price of the property or the market value, whichever is higher, so be aware of how much it’s really worth per m2 or per sq ft, regardless of the price you eventually agree with the seller.

What to check when you're actually there

3. General condition and utilities: Try all the taps and flick every light switch on and off to check the water pressure and electricity. Does the property have individual energy and water counters and a new fuse box? Look to see if the drainpipes, walls and heating are all in a good condition – by having everything in working order now, you will avoid nasty surprises in the future.

4. Orientation and location: How are the connections to local supermarkets and schools? Is there easy access to public transport? See if it’s north- or south-facing because this could influence how much you spend on heating and electricity.

What's more, it's highly advisable to take an estate agent along with you to the viewing because they are experts that know exactly what to look for and how best to help you get the most out of the viewing.

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