Contracts of employment in Portugal

Work contracts in Portugal: types, clauses and conditions / Gtres
Work contracts in Portugal: types, clauses and conditions / Gtres
4 December 2018, Redaction

Moving to Portugal, finding a house, learning the language, landing a job… it can all be very draining. When you do find a job in Portugal, it’s tempting to simply sign the employment contract and be done with it. However, it is necessary to know the basics of Portuguese work contracts before signing one. So, read on to know what kind of contract you are signing.

Portuguese law requires all fixed-term working contracts to be set down in writing, except for very short duration contracts. There are several types of work contracts in Portugal:

  • Fixed-term contract: This type of contract is normally limited to six months, but it can also be shorter or longer, up to three years.
  • Contract for an unspecified duration: This contract can last as long as necessary. The main purpose of this is to replace an absent employee or to complete a project or task outlined in the contract.
  • Very short duration contract: This type of contract has a maximum limit of 60 days. This is only allowed for special cases like seasonal work or events.
  • Intermittent contract: This contract is used by companies for performing an activity that can either be intermittent or vary in intensity. The employee must be employed full-time for a six-month period each year, with fours months of consecutive employment.
  • Part-time contract: This contract contains working hours that don’t exceed 75% of the hours worked on a full-time basis. This can lead to a reduction in daily hours or the number of workdays every week.

All employment contracts in Portugal, no matter what the type, must include the following details:

  • Description of the employer and employee;
  • Purpose of the contract, including occupation, tasks and salary payment;
  • Starting date of the working relationship and, in the case of fixed-term contract, the date of expiry;
  • Indication of the length of the working agreement with the justification for it;
  • Working location where the employee is required to work;
  • Normal working times and hours.

Once you’ve read, understood and agreed with everything in the contract of employment that your new Portuguese employer gives you for your job in Portugal, you can sign on the dotted line and start working in Portugal!

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